How to Backup Gmail to Your Computer or Local Drive

How to Backup Gmail to Your Computer or Local Drive

Google Backup

A large amount of important data is send and receives over email nowadays which is very important for an account to be alive. This important information could be your bank statement, password information, business reports, university grades and general correspondence with friends or family. It’s always conceivable, however, that the information you store on the Internet could get wiped out. On 28th February 2011, Google has cleared that numerous Gmail clients had lost access to their emails. If you’re agonized over always losing your emails like above news then it’s better to regularly backup your account so that a copy of your data remains safe to you. By organizing an email customer on your PC, you may download your messages onto your hard drive by using these steps.


Although numerous folks are happy with keeping information in the cloud but I am not one of those. I’m very sure that Google regularly back up and keep information on multiple numbers of servers. Despite of that I still believe that keeping data back up in local or hard drive is better option.

Backup Contacts to Gmail

The clear arrangement is to utilize IMAP or POP to get to your mail through a nearby mail customer -, for example, Outlook etc. But, it will not back up all emails you’ve saved in Gmail over past years.

That is the reason I’m prescribing Drive Gmail Backup. It’s free program solution which is updated in about three years, however it works fine.

Backup to Gmail

If you have installed and propelled Gmail Backup, fill a brief form and begin the download. First download could be slow even if you’ve super fast internet. It may take over three hours to download a gigabyte.

Gmail Backup stores all email and messages in a .eml file formate. You may easily open and read these .eml files in most Microsoft customers, including Windows Mail, Outlook Express, and Windows Live Mail, yet not in Outlook. By default windows can look for text in .eml file, however it can’t show it alone without one of the above program.


It might take some time for all to show up coz mail can be downloaded in batches rather than individual mails. This way you can backup Gmail to your local drive or computer and have the capacity to relocate it to any service you need including Gmail.

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