An Older Woman’s Guide to Using Instagram

My granny is 74 years old and she has impressed me greatly in recent years with her desire to pick up new pieces of technology. I have found in fact, that contrary to popular belief, the older generation are prepared to try and get their heads around new and exciting pieces of software and technology and my weekly Skype call to my Grandparents is testament to that. With this being said, it is not always easy for them to understand how it all works, they have not had it since a young age, and in truth, their minds are the sponges that they once were.


My granny has recently taken to Instagram and I gave her a helping hand by buying some automatic Instagram likes so that she gained a bit of traction on her first posts. The process of teaching my granny about the social media site was not easy and so I wanted to do a quick guide to Instagram for the older ladies out there.


Mobile Only

The first thing you should know is that you can only use Instagram via mobile phone. You can see accounts on a desktop but you cannot post or interact with anyone.


Photos and Videos

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Instagram is a photo-sharing platform which means that the only content which you will need to upload is photos and videos. To get started, just stick to photos.


What is Instastory?

Instastory is a way of uploading quick photos to show what you are doing with your day, people can see them, and then they will be deleted the following day. If you plan on putting something up which won’t automatically disappear, put this content on your profile itself.



Uploading an image is very simple, just press the plus sign at the bottom of the screen and either take a photo or select one of your recent photos which you can upload. This will take you to the next page where you can add where you were, and also add a description about your photograph.


Do I Make Friends?

Unlike with Facebook, you do not make friends but you can follow people and they can follow you. The beauty of Instagram is that you can follow just about anyone and see what they are up to and visa versa.


Any Other Tips

The filters which you see on your photos are there to enhance your image and you can play about with different contrasts and styles to make your image look amazing. When you are scrolling through a person’s content, it is important to remember that if you love it, you should double tap the screen. Many phones require you to double tap the screen to zoom in, this does not happen on Instagram and if you double tap, you will be liking that photo from your profile.


If you can take shots on your phone, then you can use Instagram, have a play about and see what you can create.

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